Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update and Full Release - 15/10/14

At last, this nightmare is at an end. Never before had I seen so much text in my life, this was literally insane. No wonder why people hate translating visual novels, they take so long, but it's always worth it in the end. I pulled 3+ plus daily since I began all those long months ago, and even 3-6 the past few weeks. I worked my ass off, even if it was machine translated because that on it's own require re-typing and focus. I doubt you guys want to hear more insane ramblings about her Asuka's endings so I'll just get to it, I just finished translating Asuka's endings today so that's more or less it. The only thing really left is for me to spot check the translation, which will require me to play through the game multiple times, that will take a while so I'm just gonna upload the rom now. There's no need to hold off for a few fixes here and there so go ahead and download it, you will find the link below so enjoy and have fun. Anyway I'll have that guide and such done by the next update, although the game is pretty much straightforward itself so you shouldn't have any problems getting the hang of it.


  • In-game graphics with Japanese characters aren't translated, they require me to access and edit them, something I don't know how to do, but the stats screen is in the guide so you'll all set there.
  • Some names of items aren't full, this will require me to extend the text, again, something I don't know how to do, yet that is.
  • The player name requires you to draw the characters, but it only accepts Japanese so I don't know what to do there. That would probably require skills far beyond what I possess, sadly that'll have to be left alone but I hope people won't be bothered by it.

List of Asuka Endings

  • The NERV republic
  • Dejiko Gamers Ending
  • Scientist
  • Astronaut
  • Studying abroad
  • Tennis championship
  • Swimming championship
  • PE Teacher
  • Pianist
  • Manga artist
  • Rock band
  • Nun
  • Shrine maiden
  • Class-rep
  • Idol
  • Gospel squad Evangelion (Sentai)
  • Anime voice actor
  • Cosplayer
  • Game master
  • Team rocket
  • Cromartie High
  • Waitress with fanclub
  • Convience store
  • Wedding 1
  • Wedding 2
  • Wedding 3 Otaku
  • Wedding 4
  • Kaji ending
  • Shinji Ending (EP 26)
I added the patch file for those who prefer to do it that way, and the readme for the patch that I put on Romhacking.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update - 03/10/14

I have recently been trudging through the workload and the end is in sight, nearly all of the side events and misc texts are complete so I'll get around to the endings sooner or later. That said, below is a list of said events but I'll keep it short and only mention two of them. I know probably nobody will even read them but here they are, the beach boys and Aka Manto.

Progress (Side events)

  • Asuka feeds you food on the beach
  • The Beach boys
  • Suntan lotion rubbing
  • Who's the child now amusement park
  • Ice cream in amusement park
  • Small animals gather around Asuka
  • Asuka gets lost
  • Asuka cinema events
  • Asuka gets jealous
  • Trash in park
  • Asuka talks about her future
  • Asuka stares into shop window for trading cards and clothing
  • Meet Asuka window shopping
  • Asuka's bath breaks/go to public baths
  • Asuka gets scouted by idol office/meets a stranger
  • Love letter from Asuka
  • I heard at school
  • What kind of women do you like
  • All park events and encounters
  • Lots of misc texts like talk function and stuff

The Beach Boys
Ah yes, my glorious Dragon Ball Z reference. This is a random event when you visit the beach, Asuka asks for a drink and you head off the get her one, but meanwhile, a few beach boys or as the game calls them, pickup guy A (Renamed pickup to beach boy for extra awesomeness), they're all up over Asuka but she seems to like the attention, eww. Your gross Asuka, she probably enjoys it in all those doujinshi's, what, Anno would want us to interpret it that way, because that's how well written his characters are. Anyway, 2nd lieutenant comes back and can't find Asuka, only to turn around and see a few muscled freaks, I mean serious, did they discover the rocks secret muscle enhancing formula or what. You then bring Asuka away from them and say that she shouldn't go with those weirdos, which she replies like I'd be stupid enough to do that, and that how do you know they weirdos, plus they were only keeping her company until you came back. More like keeping her warm but whatever, ya darn wipers appears. Anyhow that's the end of that event, just random beach boys trying to pickup chicks to film some porn in the nearest bathroom. Happens in Japan all the time, that or they'll pee in your butt.
Get ripped in 60 days
Aka Manto
This next event is where Asuka mention girls in school were talking about a ghost, 2nd lieutenant then suggests various Japanese school ghost stories and one of them actually happened to be funny. He mentions Aka Manto and Asuka replies, "isn't that a pervert", a reference to the 1991 porn game where it revolves around someone using the ghost story as away to grope the shit out of anything that moves in a school, because bathrooms, get it, or at least id like to think that's what they're referencing. Anyhow, there's an odd looking Misato in that game, so all Evangelion character designs came from porn after all, that explains a lot.
I knew you were a whore, incoming fan hate in 3, 2, 1...
Anyhow, it shouldn't be long before I start translating the endings, so until then.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou Graphics Rip

The long awaited Hou, we're lucky a guy on 4 chan got it from the Chinese and uploaded it, although in a folder and just Hou without the rest of the games from the 2nd disc. Doesn't matter in the long run but thank you, now we can all wait and see if anyone is gonna translate it, probably not. Anyhow, I ripped or simply put extracted the game files with crass so here you go. It was good to see some new backgrounds and characters. The sprites that have Keiichi and Rena with their weapons also look really nice, see below where they attempt to take on god himself.


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Anima

Starting in January 2008 and ending in April 2013, Evangelion Anima was more or less official fanfiction gone wild. From Rei clones to loli catgirls, Anima had it all, except a few traps, 1 thousands year old children and an English translation. But it seems those chapter summaries are good enough so why bother, right? Unless your an idiot who informs the creator your translating it into English and then he sends you a cease and desist in return, you'd have to be a moron to do that. Anyhow, here are downloads for season 1&2 scans complete with the related ad's from that torrent, plus the covers and GNN merc ad's I separated out myself for those who just want to jerk off I mean look at the hentai artist (Because Evangelion) drawn pictures. I will add that it's sad to say the artbook was never scanned, even though TMbountyhunter has it but is a big arsehole and won't scan it, I asked him too a while ago and he just said no stating "it's cheap to buy anyway". That wasn't what I was asking jerkwad, but whatever. Anyhow links are below so get fapping ya flippy eared freaks.

Pics (Totally representative of the source material, porn porn and more porn)

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Kai and Rei Graphic Rips

I ripped these a few weeks ago, and had a look around the files. It was really nice to see all the original sprites, sad though that nobody else even bothered to rip and post them but at least they're here now. Even all the mini game pics are in there, from Rena's hundred cracked fist to Oishi's jet stream attack. Although not everyone's sprites and expressions were in the one game so it was necessary to rip all three, so prepare yourself to search through them all for your specific interest. That set aside, you will find the links below so take a look at them if your interested. Now all I need to do is get my hands on Hou, them my evil plans will be complete.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project Graphic Rips

I ripped the PC versions graphics over 2 months ago and it's been sitting on my computer ever since, but I finally got around to uploading it. I'm lazy that way, anyhow below is the PC one I did and the PS2 rip by Ikari Shinji which I got from here. They were in a horrendous Picasa Web Album with a terrible viewer, god I hate that. Anyhow it's much easier and faster to simply have them in a folder, like how it is in my download. I also included the Russian title cards from their PC translation just because, thought someone might want them. The PC files are in their original bmp format so I didn't recompress anything, just encase anyone was wondering. Feel free to jerk off or whatever it is Evangelion fans do, but I will say it's worthy to note that the PC images have it down to Rei's feet, even though ingame cuts off around the waist, although your only gonna be interested there if you have a foot fetish. I'm just saying, Quentin Tarantino might wanna download these. Anyway, the NDS and Dreamcast versions haven't got a rip but I don't think they're necessary. Enough of my ramblings, the links are below so enjoy and happy fapping.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update - 16/9/14

Progress has been going very well, I finished translating to the end of the games story events which is all the set events, Angel missions and the end of the game which is great. Asuka's side of the game was actually very well made, maybe more so than Rei's because they put effort into Asuka's story, who said that. there's a lot of things I could talk about but you guys won't even read it so I'll only talk about the games special ending and something special for you guys.

I just finished translating one of the endings the other day, and it was huge. Not some ordinary stat based ending but a proper condition based ending that is worth it's salt, The Nerv Republic. This ending starts off midway into EOE where they launch all 3 Eva's to fight off the invading J-SSDF forces, Rei takes on a tank battalion, Asuka the ground forces, and Shinji sits there being emo, but he eventually gets going and fights. It then cuts to screens of text detailing that the document Kaji had was sent to the Japanese government and the UN, they realize they were tricked and stop fighting. Then American and European special forces invade and take out all Seele bases around the planet, capturing all 9 MP Eva's before they are launched. After Seele has been dealt with and their influence removed from around the planet, the UN looks for a scapegoat over what almost could have been. That is the Japanese government, but they criticize the nations of the world and fight back with the J-SSDF, although exhausted from the Angel war Japan soon loses. They then sign a peace accord aboard the USS Missouri with 2 conditions, the dismantling of the J-SSDF and to turn Tokyo 3 into an independent sovereign nation (Called the Nerv Republic) under the control of the UN. Also on the side, was to give human rights to Kaworu and become recognized within society.

It then skips 2 years where everybody is going to school, with 2nd lieutenant, Misato, and Ritsuko working there as teachers since Nerv was disbanded. You arrive, meet all the characters (Including Kaworu), say good morning 1000 times, while Toji and Kensuke fawn over Misato. Although that is the heavily summarized version of this scene, anyhow after work at school you head and meet Kaji. He tells you that he was working as a double agent feeding the Japanese government information from Nerv, which he then says was a joke, har har har. Kaji gives his farewells, tells you to be nice to Asuka, and say hello to Misato for him, Kaji then disappears into a nearby crowd and it ends. This ending was many times bigger than a regular stat based one, they usually go for about 30-50 text screens but this went for over 300 (Or somewhere around there), mostly because it's long as hell and also does EOE. That set aside, it sounds a little too fanfictiony, just sent a document out and everything turns out fine. Other than that it's pretty good, puts all of the Rei endings to shame.

Now, there's only all these endings to translate, side events, and a bunch of misc dialogues which should take maybe a month plus tops. Since that's the case and I know people want to play, I'll release what I've done. Yay, good news. Rei's side is more or less complete, just need to fix some stuff up, meanwhile Asuka's side is playable, with all training options, main story events translated so you can manage a basic playthrough. You will find the download link below and I'll give you my events list, it hasn't been updated in a while and is all Rei, although some Asuka events also take place on the same days. I haven't started on a guide or anything like that but I will, for those who want to attain the wedding ending/love state then just feed her ice cream and stuff like that to raise affection, answer the questions right and increase her pheromones to 200, all of that will activate the love state but it doesn't happen right when you increase those stats. Don't know why but it then takes time or something like that, also remember that leisure activities probably raise affection although I'm unsure if they actually do, it's worth a thought as school possibly raises Shinji affection, since he's near her meanwhile leisure she is with you. I know you want to stop reading and have at your waifu so the events list and link is below, have fun.